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Join Latest American Girls WA Group Links 2020

American Girls WhatsApp Group Links for Fashion and Clothing Groups of Girls/Ladies about designs. Join American Girls WhatsApp Groups to make new friends for Chatting or for Dating and Finding a perfect match. Rules for American Girls WhatsApp Groups These groups are just for fun and entertainment purposes. People can chat and share their thoughts […]

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WhatsApp clarification: New policy will not affect communication with ‘friends or family’

After coming under intense scrutiny from users across the world, WhatsApp on Tuesday issued a clarification regarding its new terms and conditions with the service saying that the new policy will not affect user’s private communication with “friends or family”. “Today we’re answering some common questions we’ve received [regarding] WhatsApp,” announced Head of WhatsApp at […]

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How To Download Region-Locked Android Games

Region-locked games on Android may seem like a difficult thing to get your hands on but they really aren’t if you know how to acquire them. The process is fairly easy though it may take a little bit of setup first. You might wonder why you’d want to go through learning how to get access […]

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How To Enable Dark Mode On Galaxy S20

Luckily with dark mode, it is easy to toggle on and off, and you can even set it to turn on at set times during the day. Which makes it great for using at night when it’s darker, but still being able to use your phone during the day when there’s more light. How to […]