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Ad blocker 4PDA: how to disable ads on your phone in 2023?

Intrusive advertising can drive even the calmest person mad. So it’s not surprising that, according to statistics, more than 42% of Internet users have at least one ad-blocking app on their gadgets. 

Today let’s talk about effective ways to “clean” your smartphone from useless marketing content in 2023. We have selected three popular 4PDA ad blockers that have already proved to be reliable defenders and are not going to give up their positions in the future.

  1. AWAX

It’s an app that blocks ads on any Android device. It reliably protects you from annoying pop-ups and banners in all popular browsers, as well as keeps ads from loading in mobile programs and games.

When you open a website, promotional videos and pop-ups start loading. They can slow down your smartphone and increase traffic; some contain trackers, spam, or phishing links. The AWAX blocker quickly recognizes and immediately blocks them, then adds them to its threat database to keep your device safe if the malware tries to download again. This helps you save Internet traffic, boost performance, and reduce battery consumption. You’ll be able to work in your browser without worrying that your smartphone will be attacked by infected ads.

The blocker has a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features. In addition to removing all kinds of ads and “harmful” content, it provides a local VPN service. Thanks to this, you can work online without worrying about the safety of your personal data. You can download AWAX to install on your smartphone from the official website or the Google Play store. For novice users, there is a free 7-day trial period. 

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2. AdClear

A mobile program for blocking various kinds of ads in browsers and apps. It also helps remove sales videos when watching YouTube. AdClear does not require access to root rights and “guards” your smartphone from marketing content in the background. This keeps your battery consumption low, and you’re not distracted by pop-ups or notifications.

The blocker also has a VPN service and special protocols that suppress malware and spyware downloads. AdClear can be downloaded from the Google Play app store and developers’ websites.

3. DNS66

A small blocker that removes selling banners in browsers and other apps on Android devices. It embeds itself in the system as a VPN and does not request access to root rights. When browsing the Internet, DNS66 prevents advertising-type sites and files from loading, which saves mobile traffic.

Like previous apps, this blocker is quite easy to use. It also has a list of ad sources that you can customize and filter to your liking. The only weakness of DNS66 is that it does not always cut ads completely, leaving white fields instead. The blocker is unavailable in the Google Play store, but you can download it from the 4PDA website. 

What conclusions are drawn?

After testing each of the selected apps, we concluded that the best ad blocker for Android 4PDA is AWAX. This tool effectively copes with the main task – removing marketing blocks and, in addition, suppresses any attempts to download malware on the phone. Besides, its libraries are constantly updated, and this allows us to assume that the app will continue to protect its users in 2023 reliably.

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