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More vaccines have protected monkeys against covid-19, suggesting they might work in people

Studies on macaques suggest that infection with the coronavirus grants some immunity to catching it again—and that vaccines also seem to offer some protection. The questions: Does getting infected by the coronavirus make you immune? And can a vaccine do the same job? In two studies published today in Science, a group led by researchers at Harvard […]

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Here’s How Physiotherapists Are Changing Lives For The Better!

Doctor of physiotherapy/physical therapy (abbreviated as DPT) is a five-year undergraduate professional degree in physiotherapy. It targets to certify a scholar to work as a physiotherapist. Upon the accomplishment of this degree, a grad is neither a physician nor can prescribe medications but is a medical practitioner trained and an erudite in various areas of […]

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This Pakistani Girl Opens Up About All The ‘Undue Privileges’ Pakistan Army Officers Get!

“Pakistan Army Officers enjoy the privilege. Free medical, free cars and free residence!” That’s what I’ve been reading everywhere! I remember my dad getting a house on rent and conveyance allowance in his pay as a government employee! I remember my father has been enjoying the free car and petrol privileges ever since he got […]

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Research Proves Vaping Or E-Cigs Are Causing Life Taking Lung Diseases & The Vape-Nation Needs To Know!

Mysterious new lung disease has taken the lives of five people in the United States, leaving the state and federal health officials perplexed. It appears that this fatal illness is linked to vaping. Via Vox What is vaping? It is an act of inhaling and exhaling of vapors through e-cigarettes or similar devices like vape […]

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Researchers Prove That Graphene Can Be Used As A Mosquito Repellent!

Researchers at Brown University have conducted experiments to find out that graphene can be used as a mosquito repellent because of its certain properties!     How The Experiment Came Together:  The hard-working researchers at the university have proved through their consistent experiments that graphene has the ability to repel the horrendous insect known as […]