7 Surprising Jicama Benefits

Jicama is a nutrient-rich root vegetable that offers many health benefits like helping you manage your weight, build strong bones, and reduce cancer risk. Jicama may also help manage diabetes, optimize digestion, and increase energy levels. What is Jicama? Some popular names for jicama are turnip and Mexican yam. The scientific name of the root […]


Is Lemon Effective for Weight Loss? Quick Facts.

There’s a reason why many restaurants serve lemon water instead of coffee or tea – there is independent research that shows that both lemon and water can help with weight loss. Although there is anecdotal evidence regarding the health benefits of lemon water, there is also research to back up these claims. Drinking a glass […]

How To DIY A Perfect Detox Bath.

How To DIY A Perfect Detox Bath

How To DIY A Perfect Detox Bath.Here’s one self care ritual that will help ease any stress and make you feel refreshed! A detox bath is amazing for removing toxins and impurities that build up on our skin day after day. Not to mention, it allows our bodies to absorb nourishing nutrients and minerals from […]