Understand the Future of Outsourcing Developers

Outsourcing work to software developers is not a new concept. Businesses, both big and small, have benefitted from the ability to hand development duties to an external provider to complete. 

Yet this trend is set to grow massively in the near future. For startups between 2022 and 2023, it is anticipated that outsourcing developers will grow by 70%. It’s not just startups that understand the potential of outsourcing, either. More and more large organizations are embracing this approach to hiring developer talent. 

Why is this the case? This article will explore a few key points that highlight the growing importance of outsourcing developers. 

Supply and demand 

Software development is becoming a more integral component for business operations – and this trend isn’t going to change any time soon. Everything from digital transformation initiatives to cloud computing adoption are seeing companies become more software dependent. 

However, this approach also throws in its fair share of challenges. Software development is not something that any regular office worker can do effectively. It requires an experienced pair of specialist hands. 

The problem with that is supply and demand. 

As a growing number of enterprises require developer talent, there are less and less viable candidates available for in-house hires. With so few developers around, organizations are turning to outsourcing to fill the gap. 

Whether it’s a freelancer or specialist software development agency, the nature of outsourcing means there’s always a provider available to help with your tasks.

The need for speed

Due to the rapid speed in which the software development market is growing, it’s essential for organizations to remain on pace – otherwise they’re going to get left behind by the competition. 

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The problem with going the traditional recruitment route is that it’s lengthy and turnover rates are high. Say a company requires a React developer. On average, recruiting in-house is said to take 35 days. A month is a long time in the software development world, and that’s not accounting for the onboarding process. 

With outsourcing, however, a business can hire a React developer within 24 hours and get their project started instantly. This rapid deployment means they are able to evolve, scale, and stay competitive in an ever-demanding digital world. 

Improved quality with reduced costs

Cost is one of the biggest reasons why outsourcing developers is on an upward trend. Hiring employees is a costly procedure that goes beyond simply their base pay. On the other hand, outsourcing effectively strips away the likes of taxes, bonuses, medical benefits (and so on) from the equation. This also includes the hidden costs associated with the recruitment process

Despite costing less, outsourcing also typically leads to an improvement in quality standards. An in-house development team can be talented, sure, but it’s restricted due to only having access to a local talent pool. With outsourcing, a company is able to reach out to developers across the globe. Because of this, they are able to work with world-class talent and innovative leaders in their selected discipline. 

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