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7 Best Alternatives of Google Pay

Are you also fond of doing online transactions? But you are not getting the desired application as per your requirement. Technology in World is getting wise rapidly with lots of new implements. Making World Digital is one of them which initiates the market of online payments. Here we will discus 7 Best Alternatives of Google Pay.

After the time of demonetization, the method of online payment has boosted. With this sudden rise in digital transactions, there are various apps which had come into existence for the ease of users and Google pay is one of them.

If you are an online user, then I am sure you will be familiar with the term Google pay, but if not, then we are here going to discuss in brief about it. GooglePay only allows you to do transactions within your country but like Google Pay.

There are many other apps which also allows you to do international transactions. Apart from this, there are various alternatives available in the market, which are listed below. Let’s have an eye over the topics that are going to discuss in today’s post;

  • What is Google Pay?
  • Features of Google pay?
  • What is NFC, how does it work?
  • Best alternatives to Google pay?

For all the online users, this section is going to be interesting as here you are going to know about some new terms. I will get in touch with the latest technology of NFC. Let’s begin the post without wasting more time.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is one of the best used digital payment apps in the market, which allows you to do online transactions quickly. By using Google pay, you can do multiple banks to bank transactions. Google develops Google pay, and by including the NFC feature in their app, they have presented a new technology.

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Google pay is using Tez mode so that one can easily transact the amount. Apart from this, they are also giving great cashback offers to their users on different transactions.

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Features provided by Google Pay

  • Easy bank to bank online transactions.
  • Mobile and DTH recharge.
  • Bill payments like electricity or water bill payment.
  • Online ticket booking like movie, travel, etc.
  • Online Hotel bookings.

What is NFC? And How does it work?

NFC stands for near field communication; the encryption of NFC innovation is one of the best ways for changing users’ data for making installments and payments across devices. Now the question here is how NFC works and will going to be helpful for the users?. If your device supports NFC, then you are in need of touch or show your phone to another enabled device, and the sharing of data will automatically do.

near field communication

Currently, NFC is being supported by Windows, Android, and IOS devices, as it has now proved as one of the important technology, especially in the field of mobile wallet payments.

7 Best Alternatives of Google Pay

Top Alternatives of Google Pay


7 Best Alternatives of Google Pay - PhonePe

PhonePe is one of the good alternatives to Google pay as it allows you to do multiple transactions with instant transfers. At present, the E-Commerce website Flipkart has acquired phone pay and is using it as Flipkart wallet. Apart from this, phone pay allows you to do your UPI transactions and save money in the PhonePe wallet.

Download the app by clicking on the link.

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7 Best Alternatives of Google Pay - Paypal

For doing International transactions, Paypal is one of the best apps. Apart from this, PayPal also allows you to send or pay cash online to any corner of the world while other apps limited to a particular country. Paypal is a completely free application that also allows you to do transactions with us companions from your Paypal balance or bank account. You can easily add money to your Paypal balance by using bank credit or debit cards for easy and safe transactions.

Get the application by clicking the link.

3.Apple Pay

7 Best Alternatives of Google Pay - Apple Pay

Apple launched Apple pay for its users in 2014. If you are a Mac or an IOS user, then Apple pay will be great for making digital payments. You need not save your real credit card numbers as the application itself makes virtual account numbers for you. It not only increases the security of the user but will also allow you to make a 100% safe transaction.

To set up Apple Pay, click on this link.


It is one of the safest and easy ways of sending and receiving money from friends and family. The app utilizes your recipient’s email address us a mobile number to which you want to transfer the amount. The best part of the app is that they do not charge any kind of fee for their service.

Get the application by clicking on this link.

5.Samsung Pay

As the name says, Samsung pay has been launched by Samsung itself for other users and is giving a tough challenge to Apple pay and Android pay. Samsung pay has also given a boost to the NFC payment method. Samsung pay allows you to make payments by just waving your Samsung device close to the NFC supporting terminal where you need to make payment.

Get the application by clicking on this link.

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6.Android Pay

For all Android users, Android has launched its payment method, which also supports NFC payment. One can utilise the features by sending cash to their companions and family members apart from this, and you can also make transactions by using third party debit or credit cards like Discover cards, American Express, etc. Android pay also supports extensive banks like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Citi.

7.Square Wallet

A square wallet is its kind of application which supports both Android and IOS platform. It is capable of doing everything like other apps; the only thing which makes it different is its paining method. You need not make payments directly through your MasterCard; instead, you can utilise your merchant cards. In this application, you can also bookmark your favourite shipper by simply saying the name of the store.

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We have shared seven best alternatives to Google pay, 90% of the above apps utilising the NFC feature for the easy payments apart from this. They also help you in making International transactions. By using such apps, you are not only going to ease down your pressure of sending and receiving money, but it will also save you time.

With the implementation and increased use of these apps, we are no more in need of going to banks or standing in the long queues in front of ATMs for withdrawing money. So, what are you waiting to find out the best suitable app for you and start enjoying its exclusive features? In case of any support, you can simply contact us by commenting down below.

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