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10 Best Truecaller Alternatives In 2019

If you are an Android smartphone user, then I am sure that you will be familiar with the true caller app. With the increasing popularity of Truecaller, many other applications have been launched, which are similar to the Truecaller app. If you are also one who has been bored by using Truecaller or looking for something else, then this is the correct place for you. Today on this page, I am going to tell you about the 10 best Truecaller alternatives which are being used currently by most of the Android users. In this section, we are going to cover some basic queries, including topics which mostly being searched by users.

The list of topics is as follows:

  • What is the Truecaller app?
  • How to use the Truecaller application
  • Is Truecaller safe to use
  • Top 10 best alternatives of Truecaller

These are some of the essential things which I am going to cover in this post. Apart from this, you are also going to get a lot of knowledge related to these caller ID apps. Before using such apps, you must keep complete information about the particular application you are going to use. Let’s begin with the post, and I am sure you are going to gather lots of information from it.

What is the Truecaller app?

Truecaller is a most used app by Android users as it helps them in knowing about the unknown caller ID. It is also capable of blocking unnecessary phone calls. The best part of the application is, it helps in identifying the name and location of the caller.

Using this, you get an idea of whether you know the person. If you are getting lots of spam calls and SMS, then Truecaller will help you in blocking all such calls and SMS so that you won’t get disturbed while on work.

How to use the Truecaller application?

  • It is very easy to get True Caller application is Android users can download it from Google Play Store. After installing the application, you’re just in need of registering on the app with your current mobile number.
  • It will ask for an OTP after completing all such formalities you will take to the next page where you need to fill details like name, location, email address, etc.
  • Now you are ready to go. Whenever you get any call from an unknown number, the application will automatically show the real name and location of the caller.
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Is Truecaller safe to use?

It is the most asked question by users whether the app is safe or not. To my extent, I think Truecaller is one of the most reliable caller ID applications available on Google Play Store. With lots of interesting features, it allows you to block spam calls, search unknown numbers, identify unknown calls, block spam messages, etc.

So, this was the basic information related to the Truecaller application. Now, we are going to know about the best alternatives for Truecaller, which are available in the market for Android users.

Top 10 best alternatives of Truecaller

Although the list of alternatives is extensive, I am here mentioning the safe and reviewed applications by users. The list which I am going to mention below is well researched and will not create any issue to your device.


It is the best Caller ID application that has was downloaded by more than 65 million times. The best part of this application is that it is available for both Android and IOS devices. In short, if you switch to an iOS from Android, then your data will remain safe and will be transferable to your new device. It allows users to block spam calls, search unknown numbers, track numbers, and much more.


It is another best alternative to Truecaller, which is having almost similar features. Hiya was previously known as the white pages caller ID. The best part of the application is it helps you in enjoying the caller ID experience without any advertisement. If you are frustrated with lots of advertisements shown by various applications, then it will be best to go with Hiya.

3.Call block

Call block is another most common app for blocking unnecessary numbers. This application is only limited for iOS users and is having a huge directory of telemarketers with more than 30 lakh entries. This application is running in more than a hundred countries and is capable of blocking approximately 86.7% telemarketing calls so that you will not get frustrated from such unnecessary calls.

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The next application in this list of Truecaller alternatives is ExDialer. One can also customise it as Android dallier so that they can enjoy features like automatic call recording. Apart from custom dialling, it also helps you in blocking irrelevant calls and will completely change out your dialling menu.


Let’s continue a list with another app known as Drupe. It is the application that is currently getting lots of Eyes on it due to its beautiful layout with colours and animations. Easily use group application instead of Truecaller. It allows you to get a good amount of customisation to say that it is one of the most beautiful calls blocking apps.

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6.High Tech Phone Dialer and contacts

Before including this application, I was a bit confused about whether it will be safe for our customers or not. I have personally tried this application. If you are a mathematical lover, then I am sure you are going to fall in love with this app. The layout of your dialogue will get completely changed, like a graphical representation. The only thing which makes this app unique is its designing, and one can go for it.

7.Clever Dialer

As its name itself says clever, and I must say that the app is clever. This app will not only tell you about the incoming unknown numbers but whenever you dial an unknown number. It will automatically show the real name of that contact number. Apart from this, it is also having the option of blocking spam contacts and calls as other applications do.

8. Show Caller

It is another good alternative of Truecaller, a thing which makes it different from other applications if its small size is less than 4 Mb. Show it indicates that it will not go to eat up your phone’s memory. Besides this, it has all similar features as Truecaller.

9.Mr. Number

Mr. number is mostly used as a dialing app, which is also having the feature of blocking calls. You can easily get the information about unknown calling, but the only drawback of this application is there are chances that you will not get accurate information.


This is the last application offer list, and the eyecon is completely different from other caller ID applications because it represents the information as per the social account of the caller. It does not search the number in the state. It; will show you the caller information and picture according to their social networking channel.

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Why do we need to use the truecaller alternative?

Truecaller is currently one of the big application which is available in every device. If you see on Google play store, you find there are 500 Million plus download and 11 million reviews with 4.5-star aggregate. By finding these details, you can calculate how big the company was. But still, there are few things because of which we need to use some alternatives. Check them below.

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1.Ads free app

Truecaller is a large company with lots of users. But now the company wants to generate more revenue. You can see lots of ads while opening the application, which you find irritated.

To remove these ads, you need to be a premium customer. If you buy a premium account on truecaller, you need to pay some amount. A truecaller premium account will cost you 49 rs per month, or you can buy yearly at 37 rupees per month.

There are many alternative applications available which you can use without ads. Applications like Whos call, hiya, and many more are there, which is free to use and doesn’t charge you anything to remove ads.

2.Call dialer and messaging

Call dialer and the messaging feature is one of the best feature available for truecaller. It does the work of three application text app, call dialer app, and caller search app. But this feature is not only available on truecaller. There are many other applications where you can use this feature more dynamically.

High tech phone dialer, cleaver phone dialer, and many other apps are available for your smartphone.

3.Call Block

A call block or blacklist is a feature truecaller provides us. It happens a lot of times. You will receive unwanted calls from a number who just want to disturb you. Such kinds of call you can block.

Many truecaller alternatives are there, which allow us to block a call. You can add their number to the block list. Then you will not get disturbed by that person. You can add any no of numbers to the block list.

4.Know who searches for you?

Do you know truecaller allows you to know who views your profile? To know how many people search for your number, follow the steps.

  • Open truecaller application
  • Swipe right to open menu
  • Search for who viewed my profile
  • Next to the option, you can find how many people have viewed your profile
  • To know who they are, you need to upgrade to premium for which you need to pay some amount.

There are many truecaller alternatives that show you this for free. You can download one from our list, which we posted at the top of this page.

Final word

So, the list of Truecaller alternatives ends here. I am sure that you will like the above-mentioned apps, and it is well researched that they are completely safe and will not harm you in any way. In case of any query, feel free to contact us, we will revert you with the solution as soon as possible. All the applications are available on google play store. You can search and download then for your use. If you find this content useful then share it with your family and friends.

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