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Top Accessories for Samsung Galaxy M30S

Hello guys! Have you taken a look at the latest launch by Samsung? Have you brought Samsung Galaxy M30s but worried what you should carry with the device to make it more wondering? If yes, then this is the place you are looking for.

Although Samsung is no more a brand that needs an introduction and is ranking at the Top 2 position in the category of best smartphones, you may have heard that Samsung is having a lot of hanging issues or problems like low processing, but now the quality of Samsung smartphones has improved a lot. The latest A and M series of Samsung has must but devices with extraordinary features and premium appearance. 

So, let’s begin the post. Read the entire post, and here you will be going to get all necessary information related to the device. 

Description of Samsung M30s

Samsung is one of the top brands in the smartphone category, which launches brand new devices with all the latest features. One of the most trending devices which have launched recently on 18 September 2019 with all the latest features and waterdrop notch display. In the device, you can find AMOLED FHD+ Infinity U Screen display with a contrast ratio of 78960:1. As this is the gaming era and everyone is looking for a device that can give them good gaming experience, therefore, Samsung M30s has come with game booster technology.

Samsung Galaxy M30S
Samsung Galaxy M30S

It was a brief description of the device now let us move towards the full
specifications of Samsung Galaxy M30s. It will help you in choosing the best smartphone as per your requirement. 

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Full Specifications of Samsung M30s

Sim typeDual sim
Dimensions159 ×75.1 × 8.9
Weight188 gram
Display size6.4 inches
(16.26 cm)
Display TypeColor Super
AMOLED screen (16M)
RAM4 GB / 6 GB
ROM64 GB / 128 GB
ColorsPearl White /
Opal Black / Sapphire Blue
1080 × 2340
48 MP
8 MP (Ultra
5 MP (Depth
16 MP
FM RadioYes
Battery Size6000 mAh,
Li-ion Battery
Fast Charging15W Fast
9.0 (pie)

Reviews and Ratings

The device has got mixed reviews, but most of the customers are happy with the range and features. The average rating that has been received by Samsung Galaxy M30s is 4.4 / 5. In the initial time, Samsung was famous for its high-quality, expensive mobile phones, but now Samsung is giving tough competition to Chinese handsets with excellent features in affordable ranges, and Samsung Galaxy M30s is one of them.

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Best accessories to pair up with the
Samsung M30s 

There is no doubt that the device is gaining high popularity. Now, the question here is, how can you increase the experience of the device? With the handset, you will be going to receive some accessories like Adaptor, User Manual, USB cable, and back cover. Nowadays, companies do not provide any headset enclosed with the device. So some essential and useful mobile accessories can highly increase the experience of using Samsung M30s. 

Here, I am going to present the list of such accessories

1. Selfie Flash

In today’s photogenic world, everyone is fond of photography. The selfie has
proved to be a boost in this range as it allows you to click your photo without any help from the second person. If you are also a Selfie lover and looking for enhancing your Selfie experience, then Selfie light will best accessory for you. It will not only brighten up your photos but will also give a contrast lightning effect.

selfie flash for Samsung Galaxy

2. Headsets

Can you imagine your life without music? At least I can’t as I am too fond of
listening to the latest tracks. I love soft music and mostly listen when I go
to bed. As nowadays, mobile companies don’t provide headsets with the device, so you have to purchase yours. It will be best to get good quality headsets so that they don’t harm you. 

headset for Samsung Galaxy

3. Mobile Holders / Mobile Stand

While we travel, it becomes challenging to take care of the mobile phone. Whether you have your car or bike, you can get a mobile holder for both of them. It will ease down your trouble apart from this you can also get one mobile stand for you. It will help you while making videos, Tik Tok, watching movies, and much more. 

Mobile Holders for Samsung Galaxy

4. Designer cases

It is a dream of everyone to get a beautiful designer back cover for their new device. As Samsung Galaxy M30s is a recently launched phone, therefore, you can find several designs and beautiful looks in cases. You can also get customized mobile covers on which you can get your photo or image of your choice. 

back cases for Samsung Galaxy

5. Speakers

Do you love loud music or frequently watch movies on your mobile phone? If yes, then speakers are going to be the best accessory, which you can pair up with your brand new M30s. Just imagine you are having a birthday party or any function at home then speakers are going to be a great help for you. 


6. Smart Lighting

In my house, I have LED lights which can be operated on my mobile phone. So, I need not stand up from my bed to switch on/off the lights. Isn’t it a great idea? If you also find it interesting, then Samsung M30s also has this feature. You just have to change the lights of your room and enjoy this new

Smart Lighting

7. Smartwatches / Fitness bands

We all have heard about MI fitness bands and smartwatches. Samsung is also having its smartwatches. If you want to look classy and just want to show off in front of your friends, then it will be a good idea to get one of these. For fitness freaks, bands will be the right choice as they will get all the necessary information in their bands. 

Fitness bands

8. OTG Adapter

OTG Adapter is a must accessory that one should carry who are having Samsung device. In Samsung, you will find this feature in which you can simply share your data from one phone to another one with OTG Adapter as it supports this feature. Isn’t it sound cool? Then why are you waiting so long to go ahead and buy one for you? 

OTG Adapter

9. Wireless Charger

Charging is the main issue which we all face, especially while traveling or if on work. As Samsung is having the feature of wireless charging, then why shouldn’t you enjoy this? It’s time to become smarter and use these gadgets not only to raise your status but also to look more trendy. 

Wireless Charger

Smartphones have now become the basic need of people; most of us can’t survive for a single day without a smartphone. With this increased craze, the specificity and features have also increased with which one can enjoy the best photography, gaming, chatting, video making experiences, and much more. So, this was the entire description of Galaxy M30s.

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If you have any new recommendations related to the accessories, then comment down below. I hope that this post will help you in clearing all of your doubts. 

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