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Ruslan Tymofieiev (Ruslan Tymofeev): IT offices are turning to be art galleries

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There is an ongoing tendency among IT entrepreneurs to invest in artworks today. It is possible to see real art galleries in the offices in such big companies like Netscape, Microsoft, Andreessen Horowitz, and others. In Ukraine, one of the businessmen who adhere to the same approach is Ruslan Tymofieiev (Ruslan Tymofeev), the founder of venture fund Adventure Lab. The investor encourages to invest in Ukrainian paintings of famous local artists and other cultural events. This will allow increasing the status of Ukrainian art in the international arena.

Social capitalization

In the world of wealthy people—bankers, financiers, industrialists, and businessmen—the tendency to invest in artworks is increasing because they find it ever priceless—paintings, sculptures, designer items made of precious metals. Ruslan Tymofieiev notices some outstanding people who make contributions to art. For example, Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founder, has invested over $100 million in art. The private collection of 300 masterpieces of art was exhibited to the general public. He used to conduct major art festivals, open museums, and galleries. Marc Andreessen, the founder of Andreessen Horowitz, keeps on the walls of his office paintings by pop-art legend Robert Rauschenberg. Also, the American trader Steve Cohen invested in the works of Jeff Koons, Picasso, Andy Warhol, and others. The founder of one of the world’s largest advertising agencies M&C Saatchi Charles Saatchi owns a collection of contemporary art at the Saatchi Gallery.

IT representatives can afford large investments in the art. This industry is one of the most profitable in the world. In addition, Ruslan Tymofieiev highlights that investing in art is a part of building social capital. It raises the story of each artwork and reveals its value to the surrounding. The investor says it is curious to know who owns the pieces of art: the sellers, the buyers, and how the paintings obtain their value. It even helped him several times to close business deals, e.i., start a conversation appropriately. When coming to the partner’s office and seeing paintings on the wall allows for creating a dialogue and then coming to the business, explains Tymofieiev.

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Workspaces decorated with art

As international research inform, offices decorated with paintings specifically influence the work productivity of the company’s employees. HR and recruiter specialists approve that employers feel more comfortable when coming to an interview or just conducting a scheduled meeting.

Ruslan Tymofieiev comments that the Adventures Lab’s office has also some artwork. Mostly, they are paintings of modern Ukrainian artists. For example, paintings by Victor Sydorenko that depicts athletes from the Ultra C series empower people to work with joy. They motivate them to move ahead and reach their goals. In the café area, he hung funky pop-art that immerses staff in a relaxing mood. The investor says they could create a special working atmosphere with the help of artwork.

Thus, the funder of Adventures Lab believes that placing the artworks of Ukrainian artists in the offices of IT companies will help rise foreign partners’ interest in the contemporary art of Ukraine. So, it will enhance the reputation of Ukrainian art at the international level.

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