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The best life rpg apps games for Android

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Setting goals is easy but following through is a different matter altogether. Sometimes we need that extra bit of motivation to get things done. And what better and easier way than to turn things into a game? Life RPG or gamification apps do just that — they turn your mundane tasks into epic quests and let you transform your virtual avatar into a heroic adventurer, while building real life positive habits.

Here are the best life RPG apps for Android that will help you level up your life.

Best life gamification apps:

1. Habitica

Price: Free

Habitica is a charming 16-bit-style life RPG which helps you stay organized in the short term and develop positive habits in the long run. You can input habits, daily and weekly goals, as well as to-do tasks. Checking in daily and keeping up with your goals nets you health and experience, as well as fancy new gear you can equip to your avatar. The more tasks you accomplish, the better your hero looks.

If that’s not motivating enough, you can create your own custom rewards — for example, you can unlock playing video games for an hour after 3 hours of studying. Best of all, you don’t have to traverse the lands of Habitica alone. The app has a tavern where you can chat with other players and motivate each other, or you can invite friends and join guilds to undertake epic quests together. It’s a great gamification app that is both fun and rewarding.

Habitica life rpg

2. Do It Now

Price: Free

Do It Now might not be as eye-catching as other apps on our list, but don’t be fooled by appearances. It is one of the most feature-rich and customizable life RPG apps on Android. The basic premise remains the same — you increase your hero level by performing tasks. However, Do It Now helps you develop specific skills — be it drawing, programming, or even magic tricks.

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As skill level increases, so do familiar RPG characteristics such as charisma, dexterity and willpower. You can self-assign rewards just like in Habitica. Better yet, you can organize tasks in groups such as short- and long-term goals, add subtasks, customize task importance, and set related skills and difficulty. All this combined makes Do It Now one of the best and most in-depth gamification apps currently available on Google Play.

Do it Now gamification app

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3. LifeRPG

Price: Free

If you want to build up your skills just the way you do with RPG characters, what better app than LifeRPG. This gamification app focuses on long term goals and personal improvement. It doesn’t have a fun avatar to adorn with treasures and armor, but it is an effective and straightforward tool.

Just like other apps in this genre, you create tasks and earn XP for completing them. What makes LifeRPG stand out from the rest is the ability to break down missions into sub-missions, as well as its radar chart, which makes prioritizing and tracking progress easy. It’s also highly customizable — you can create your own reward system, use a variety of icons and emoji for missions, and even jot down quick notes and ideas for every step of a task. It might not be as impressive as others on the surface, but LifeRPG is definitely one of the best gamification apps you can use.

the life rpg apps

4. Level Up Life

Price: Free

Feel like you are not doing as well as you could be in some areas of your life? Then it’s time to level up! Level Up Life is another fun life RPG app with a charming retro game look. It keeps you on track with the help of achievements. As you unlock them by completing tasks, new and more challenging achievements appear in their place. There are plenty of great defaults like donating old clothes, but you can also create your own.

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Each achievement comes with skill points in characteristics such as intellect, environment, and more. You can even enter details on how you accomplished your tasks or attach photos to commemorate your feats. Bucket list and once-in-a-lifetime achievements are also present. However, Level Up Life is a bit lacking in the daily to-dos department. Another major downside is that it requires an internet connection. If you can overlook these downsides, however, it is still one of our top life RPGs on Android.

level up life life rpg apps

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5. Epic Win

Price: Free

If you’ve always felt that washing the dishes is an epic feat of stamina, Epic Win might be just what you need. This app is streamlined and simple — it is more akin to a gamified to-do list than a full-blown life RPG. It allows you to choose from five epic avatars to level up as you complete chores. Your hero travels and unearths loot as you do, and you can “destroy” chores thanks to a cute completion animation.

Just like other apps on the list, with Epic Win you can receive reminders and set tasks to repeat daily, weekly, etc. You can also determine how epic quests truly are and if they are a feat of intelligence, strength and more. This in turn will net you characteristics stats. It’s a simple app that might not be great for long term goals, but it can definitely help you tackle everyday chores. Thanks to its simplicity Epic Win is also one of the best life RPGs for kids.

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6. Goal Hunter

Price: Free

Looking for a life RPG that looks and feels like an actual game? Then Goal Hunter might be just what you need. This app is cute, colorful and simple. As you complete tasks, you gain XP and move along a map full of monsters to defeat and treasures to unearth. You can add simple to-do tasks, as well as bigger goals, which you can then break down into smaller tasks. The basic features are all there — setting reminders, due dates and adding notes.

But Goal Hunter also has actual game elements — you need to answer questions to defeat monsters. This is one area in which Goal Hunter is not very polished — you can stumble upon some grammar and spelling mistakes, as well as poorly phrased questions. However, the app is still in development, so it’s likely these mistakes will be fixed in the future. If they don’t bother you, Goal Hunter is still among the best life RPG apps you can choose.

Goal Hunter Life rpg apps

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These are our top picks for the best gamification and life RPG apps for Android. What are your favorite apps that help you stay productive? Let us know in the comments below.

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