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In 1744, the Star and Garter club drafted the first Laws of Cricket, whose members subsequently established the famous Marylebone Cricket Club in The club immediately became the “keeper of the laws” and still retains this role. According to the rules of the game, a cricket team led by a captain consists of 11 players. 

One of them plays the role of a bowler. Its main function is to throw the ball so that the batsman (batsman) cannot hit it. If the batsman hits the ball, he receives points for his team. Wicket keepers – cricket goalkeepers – also take part in the game. Their main goal is to protect the gate (gate) of their team.

At the moment when the batsman hits the ball, the position of the players on the field changes. One team runs after the ball to touch one of the wickets. Two players from the other team earn points by moving from one wicket to the other on a clay path.

During the game, there are two teams in the field. However, in the team that hits the ball, there are only two players on the field, and in the serving team – all 11. Two referees work at the matches, who monitor the observance of the rules, make all the necessary decisions and report them to the markers – the people who keep the score.

The main equipment of the players is a leather ball and a wooden bat shaped like a spade. A cricket field is called a pitch. It is a rectangular area 20 meters long and 3 meters wide. There are also gates on the field – three posts 71 centimeters high. They act as a gate.

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The Development of Modern Cricket (BIG BASH LEAGUE, SRL)

Currently, there is an International Cricket Council, which includes more than a hundred countries of the world. For most countries of the former British Empire, cricket remains the main sport, particularly in the Indian subcontinent.

Cricket is still evolving. This is how new forms of the game appear, such as Cricket Twenty20. Twenty20 is an international cricket tournament in which all members of the ICC participate. This is a global tournament in which all countries playing cricket participate. The final winner receives Twenty20 World Champion status.

The duration of a match of this format is determined not by a time limit, but by a set number of innings. The T20 is credited with reviving cricket in the 21st century. Since its inception, players have quickly adapted to the demands of the game by working on their fitness, serving and shooting. The game has also evolved technically. There was a special ball tracking program, infrared cameras and technology for monitoring the edges of the field in order to better see the batted ball.

Simulated Reality League – Big Bash League SRL has been around for quite some time now. This is just a great option for fans of such sports as cricket. Now you can bet in a slightly different way. Big Bash SRL T20 is a new type of betting. You already know about the Twenty20 league. Well, the Big Bash SRL T20 is the latest and greatest variant of the Twenty20. On the Parimatch website, you can track the digital championship and make bets in live and prematch modes.

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This competition is based on a real league. But it is done with the help of computer graphics. That is, it is a virtual cricket. Betting on a virtual game is no different from betting on regular cricket. Bets are similar to bets on all team sports. This betting option was popular when the coronavirus pandemic began. In addition, you can bet on this event when there are no real games.

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