10 Things You Can Do With A Dedicated Server

A dedicated server offers substantial resources that can be used for multiple purposes. As the name suggests, you rent the entire computer for yourself. The result is you get a lot of power and flexibility. Here are 10 things you can do if you decide to purchase this type of plan!

1. Host your high-traffic website

Although many business owners start with shared hosting, websites that receive lots of traffic need a dedicated server. Since the resources are not divided between customers, you’ll be ready to sustain faster growth. 

2. Back-up your content

If you already have a successful brand online, it probably took a huge amount of effort to get where you are. For the same reason, there is nothing worse than the idea of losing all the content overnight. To prevent this, you might use a dedicated server as a back-up system.

3. Build a Minecraft server

When you’re a gamer, playing titles such as Minecraft is great. However, you might want to build your own server to have fun with your friends. Dedicated hosting has advanced performance potential, being an efficient environment for gaming workloads.

4. Cloud space

A cloud space is used to store documents, videos, photos, presentations, texts and other types of data. In addition to the initial dedicated server, you can install any software of your choice to get control and better management with your team.

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5. Dedicated firewall

Firewalls are important for security, but those available in the market can get expensive for any enterprise. On the other hand, with a dedicated server, there are open-source choices that work just as well and will stop malware threats.

6. Email server

When you have a dedicated email server, you can set up filters and specific rules to send and receive messages with customers. Another advantage is better security, since you’re not sharing your hosting with any other business or website.

7. Testing apps

Developers can rent dedicated servers to test out their ideas and see if their apps are working properly. This way, the real operating system is not at risk and you’ll practice your skills within a safe place.

8. VoIP server

On a VoIP server, people make and receive phone calls or video calls through the internet, instead of landlines. You can set up such a system with a dedicated hosting, then include functions like voicemail, recording, call forwarding, and more.

9. Streaming 

The right web hosting offers a high bandwidth and has enough processing power to show media elements fast. That’s why you can build a dedicated streaming server. This is a great alternative for IPTV providers that want to get the most of live experiences.

10. Big data analytics

Big data doesn’t have a specific definition but is defined by volume, velocity and variety. Companies need software that’s powerful enough to handle it in real time. This is why a dedicated server configured for the same task might be useful.

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