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New Technology in 2020 That is Going To Rule the World

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Hey guys, Today we are going to Discuss top new technologies that will have a lot of Impact on your Future Life. We are in the 21st century and the world is changing much faster than before. Science is Crossing its limit much faster than before. So, In this article, we will try to find the new technology that will have a lot of potentials to change the whole human race in the upcoming future. Let’s start:

Computer Vision:

Computer Vision is one of those new technologies can change the world. This new technology will have a better future as a lot of Government is going to adopt in the upcoming days. Nowaday, China is over utilizing this technology to track anything (Human, Automobiles, and many other things).

new technology Computer Vision

Basically, Computer vision is an outcome of deep research in artificial Intelligence. Through AI, we can train our computers to visualize and Interpret the world. 

It can have positive as well as negative outcomes. Here a list of Pros and Cons of this New technology:


  1. Ease of living: Computer Vision will simplify everything as if you are going to travel anywhere around the world, you need not carry any document in the physical form. 
  2. Reliability: Like Humans, Computers do not become Lazy. It used to provide the same efficiency till it’s life span.
  3. Accuracy: Computers offer more accuracy than computers. So, there is very less chance of error than before.
  4. A wide Range of Use: Computer visuals can be used in many ways such as Identification of anyone and Anything.
  5. Very Little cost: Deploying Machine is a one-time Investment while Deploying human is Recurring Investment.
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  1. Spy: With the help of Computer vision Government or Any authority around the world can track you. 
  2. The Need for Professionals: In due time, the demand for computer vision which is a new technology will arise. This rise in demand will lead to the need for more AI professionals
  3. System failure: If the computer fails, everything connected with that device will fail or literally, everything will shut down from food to travel.
  4. Hacking: As we all know, computer vision needs a lot of RAW data. Data is a new currency. Everyone around the world will try to steal this currency.

Nuclear Fusion: 

World’s energy demand is increasing day by day and there is also an Issue of Clean energy. Almost every conventional energy source has a high carbon remittance to the environment. So, Countries like China, India, USA, Europe have established a Fusion-based lab ITER in southern France.

Nuclear Fusion new technology 2020

Recently, China has tested its artificial sun which is  nuclear fusion based technology. It is a home-grown technology of china.

What are the Pros and Cons of Nuclear Fusion?

These are the Pros and cons of nuclear fusion. These pros and cons are listed below:


  1. Cost-competitive: Nuclear fusion is very much cost-effective if we compare it with other conventional energy sources. 
  2. High Input-Output ratio:– Nuclear fusion offers very high input to output ratio which means input is very less while the output is very high. It can offer a price efficient electricity to the world. 
  3. High Energy Density:- When we compare nuclear fusion with nuclear fission, 
  4. Pollution:- It produces almost zero carbon to nature which means it is a part of green energy. 
  5. Sustainable:- If the hyperdrive of this nuclear fission starts then this process will last till the whole fuel lasts which means approximately 100-200 years. 
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  1. Difficult to Achieve:- Generation of power through Nuclear fusion is very much difficult to achieve. Commercially, it can take more than 6 years for now for full-scale rollout. 
  2. Radioactive Waste:- During our Nuclear fusion review, we find it is safe while an incident happens with the reactor. People can come into contact with this waste that can cause cancer-like disease.

Quantum computing:

In the upcoming world, Every country will race with each other for supremacy in Quantum Computing. Countries like Europe, China, USA, India, Russia are competing with each other for Quantum Supremacy. All out these countries China and USA are the leaders in the field of Quantum computing.

Quantum Computing

What is Quantum Computing?

Quantum is nothing but new technology of the future that can calculate with a speed of more than 1000 times faster in respect of conventional supercomputers. 

Currently, Google of USA, China and DRDO of India have demonstrated their capabilities in Quantum Computing but out of all three demonstrations, the demonstration done by China is very Big. China demonstrated its technology through Satellite while India and USA demonstrated its capabilities through an optical cable. These demonstrations show China is far ahead of India and USA. 

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