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Top Best iOS Reading Apps

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Reading apps as reading has always been something so many people enjoy. However,  the world changes and we try to adjust ourselves to the developments of the new things. Today, reading is still something people love – with one exception – some now prefer to read on a digital platform. Digital platforms offer many benefits. For example, you may store hundreds of books on your phone or tablet. Reading apps have become very attractive to readers and there are so many great ones. Here, we are going to list some of the best iOS reading apps so if you have been looking for an app that you can use to read on your iPhone and iPad, you’ll find a few great ones.

Best iOS Reading Apps

Amazon Kindle

Reading apps

Kindle is on top of the list because it has a huge collection of books from different genres. Also, it gives you a chance to highlight some sentences or parts of the book which you do not want to forget in the future. So you can go back to it anytime you want.

Another benefit of Kindle is that you can have access to Amazon’s bookstore in which you can find massive collections of books. Kindle App is not just for books but also newspapers and magazines. You are also able to read a sample from the book and then download it.

Apple Books

Reading apps

iBooks comes along with your new iPad in a loaded form so you do not need to go find it to download it. iBooks is similar to Kindle because iBooks also has an option for you to highlight the important parts of the books and many other features that allow you to customize your app. You can also customize your reading experience by changing the type of font, color or size of the book.

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iBook gives you the feeling of reading a real book. You can turn the pages just as you do with the real book. It also has a wide range of book collections so you’ll certainly find many great ones.

KyBook 3

Reading apps

KyBook also provides a gigantic collection of free books from various genres. It is also comfortable to read on Kybook 2 because it is highly customizable. You can read anything from poetry to comic books. It also has a translation service that translates the sentences to different languages.

Marvin 3

Reading apps

Marvin 3 is also an e-book and a comic book reader as Kybook 3. The features are similar to Kybook 3 but Marvin 3 involves relatively more options to customize the whole app according to your needs and desires.  It can even generate summaries of the books and ask you about the length of the summaries. It also opens any book format.


Reading apps

Scribd works as other reading apps. You can have access to thousands of books from different genres. Scribd categorizes the books accordingly whether the book belongs to bestselling category or politics. You can see the categories such as contemporary fiction, food & wine and many more. When you are in the app trying to discover new books, Scribd encourages you since it is well organized and allows you to easily find what you want. You can have a Scribd account only for $8.99/month and you are free to cancel your membership anytime you wish. You get to have a 30-day trial.


Reading apps

The most amazing feature of OverDrive is that you can borrow books or review contents from public libraries directly with the app. You can have access to participating libraries’ collection platforms and that way you do not need to go to a local library as it is all at your fingertips. This feature is the favourite among readers.

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Reading apps

One of the best features of Leio is that it has time tracker and that way you can follow how long it took to finish the book. It also has achievements to be unlocked as you read more in a day time which encourages you to read for longer periods in one day. You can also have access to unlimited books for $5.99/month.

Chunky Comic Reader

Reading apps

If you are a comic book lover you will love this app. It has ultra-clean UI, and it is super easy to use. The app comes with parental control and a wide range of awesome features. If you upgrade to Pro, you will be able to download from your Mac, PC or NAS.


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