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Top 7 Programs for Apartment Design

The place where we spend most of our lives always wants to make it cozy. To make a home pleasing to the eye and bring aesthetic pleasure, many owners hire designers. This is the fastest way to make an apartment stylish.


But you should consider the cost of the services provided by such specialists. And if you are not going to choose materials and furniture yourself, to control the course of construction work, then you will also have to pay for this. Add up such “little things”, and it adds up to a decent sum.


If you decide to save money or just try your hand as a designer, then you will help special services. There you will be able to plan the interior and imagine how your apartment will look in the future.


This is one of the most popular planners, which helps create design projects as easy as live dealer casino 20Bet allows players to hit a jackpot. Experts in this field unanimously assert that it’s the best service. In it you can create not only design projects but also working drawings. If, for example, the builder gave you a plan, then you load it into the program and make a design according to the scheme. There you can choose the material of the walls, the place for doors and windows, the type of ceiling, the arrangement of furniture.


In this planner, you can choose not only the color of the walls and ceiling, but also the furniture. You can create complex structures such as arches, columns and staircases. When the project is ready, it is possible to switch on the “first-person” view mode and virtually “walk” through the apartment. Conveniently, the site has short video tutorials for those who use the program for the first time.


The program is designed for professional use, so that it will take a few days to study it. But there are a lot of features that will help you take advantage of it. One of the advantages is the design of stairs, electrical wiring and even streets.

Sweet Home 3D

This is one of the most popular modern floorplanners. You can change the color of wallpaper, arrange furniture and change the size of each item. However, the service itself isn’t so simple: in one evening to create a design of an entire apartment you are unlikely to succeed. But there is a trick: if you are too lazy to understand the program, you can just take a picture of the room and upload it to the planner. A picture that looks just like your room will instantly appear on the screen.


In this planner, you can create your own interior and use ready-made models. Note that the catalog contains only real existing furniture. And after creating the project, it’s possible to see a 3D version. By the way, the service is suitable even for the planning of multi-storey houses.

Planner 5D

In this app, you can create a room plan, add furniture and other interior items. The program works in 2D mode. In one click, you can switch the picture to 3D format. The creators of Planner have tried to make it possible for people without specialized education to design their homes. It’s convenient that the service works on your computer and mobile apps.


A truly modern planner, where you can arrange a virtual tour of the apartment and see your design project with VR glasses. A wide range of tools, the ability to upload your own drawings and see other people’s professional designs – all this makes the program especially attractive.


Every planner has its pros and cons. When choosing, it’s important to consider your design skills, the functionality of the program and the possibility to buy a paid version. If you are developing a project for the first time, it’s better to use simpler programs, such as Remplanner. If you want to create something more professional, ScetchUp will do.

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