How to choose a virtual card for purchases

To automate all your expenses, while saving a lot of time and protecting yourself from losing money, you need a virtual card for online shopping.

What is a shopping card?

Your shopping card will allow you to make purchases on the Internet much faster and with a guarantee of security. Having such a card, you can not worry that your funds will fall into the hands of scammers.

Also, a functional card for online shopping will allow you to control all your expenses much more efficiently and manage your available funds more rationally.

If you buy mainly on the Internet, we suggest that you apply for a card for online purchases. We are sure that you will feel all the benefits of this payment method after the first purchase.


If you have a WestStein prepaid card, you get excellent customer support. You can contact our managers in any language convenient for you: from German to Russian.

A virtual Mastercard card implies the possibility of round-the-clock communication via chat, e-mail or by phone with managers. So you can solve all problems in a matter of minutes.

How to get a card for online shopping?

The best card for online shopping will be at your disposal after a very simple registration. Use the service to fill out a simple form in minutes. By clicking on the button, you will immediately receive your unique account.

To take full advantage of all the functions and features of the card, you need to pass a fairly simple verification. Immediately after that, you can replenish your account with the amount you need.

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If you decide to issue a shopping card, get a handy tool for a more professional management of funds. So, all users get access to the client portal, which has advanced functionality and is as simple and intuitive as possible.

The WestStein Virtual Card also includes the ability to manage resources with a convenient application that will always be at hand.

A virtual card for purchases, like any other, has unique data. You can find them in the “Maps” section of the portal. These are just some of the reasons to order a Mastercard prepaid card.

You will learn more about all the advantages that a card has for online purchases on the website or after consulting a manager.

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