Witch Queen Speedrun

Witch Queen Speedrun

The Witch Queen is the latest expansion to Destiny 2. It is also an exciting new story campaign that puts players against enemies of equal strength and capabilities. On top of that, the developers have added something that hasn’t been done in a while-they added a new difficulty level to the story missions, which goal is to provide an extra level of challenge to those players who claimed that the story missions in the game are far too easy. Obviously, the Legendary difficulty offers a greater pool of rewards. Finally, completing a story on this difficulty leaves your character with a greater number of Power Levels. All of this means that even if someone isn’t a fan of the expansion’s plot, they’re still motivated to play through it on the highest difficulty, and that can cause issues. The common enemies and bosses alike are really challenging. There’s no way someone can just turn off their brain and sit through the entire thing without making any effort.

Those of you who wish to get to the endgame activities such as the new raid as fast as possible, there’s a handy article that will give you a few tips on how you can speedrun the campaign and end up with all of the rewards it offers. Naturally, it is going to be easier if you have friends to play with. However, solo players will find several interesting hints on how to beat the campaign almost as fast as players who play in a group.

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