What Are E-Scooter Sharing Apps and Where to Get Them for Your Business

Sharing services are gaining popularity. Many people find it much more convenient to rent a car than to have their own vehicle or rely on taxis. And those who love electric devices for getting around the city or relaxing are more likely to rent e-scooters than buy expensive gadgets. Therefore, the scooter-sharing service is constantly gaining points in the eyes of potential businessmen.

And to start such a business, you will need to purchase the devices themselves, as well as acquire a software product that will allow the owner to manage the fleet of e-scooters and control their work, and from the client’s side, it will make it possible to book a scooter, pay rental time, and track the location of free scooters. These are the tasks set by the modern e-scooter mobile app. Let’s talk in more detail about the features of developing such applications and who can be involved in the creation and development of an e-scooter mobile app.

  1. Main Features of a Scooter-Sharing Application

What is essential for an e-scooter mobile app? Here are several important features. The first pack of them concerns business owners’ requirements. These are the following:

  • The integration of a CRM into the app functionality.
  • The opportunity to track each scooter in real-time mode via GPS technology.
  • Smart solutions for fast locking/unlocking of each scooter.
  • Availability of a simple website to promote the app’s services.

These are the main goals a client may share with an e-scooter app development company.

What’s on the client’s side? Here are also several important features that are essential for e-scooter mobile app development.

  • Availability of an app for various OSes. The solution may be in the parallel development of two native apps or just the development of a cross-platform e-scooter mobile app that will suit all the customers.
  • Intuitive and attractive interface. For users, it is important not to spend time learning how to operate an app when they need just to rent a scooter for an hour. So the interface should be simple enough yet attractive to evoke interest in it.
  • Payment options that are available through the app. No one will spend their time booking a scooter in one app and paying for its renting in another. So it is better to search for solutions that allow using build-in payment services in a single app.
  • An opportunity to provide feedback. It is also important from the client’s POV.
  1. Applying for Development Team’s Services: Outsourcing vs Hiring 
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So all the features for the future mobile e-scooter app are highlighted. Yet whom will you delegate them to get your application ready to launch the market? There are two main options you can try.

  • Hiring programmers and designers for your staff. It may be a good idea if you have enough money to pay them constantly and if you have lots of ideas on what tasks to deliver to them in the future. For single app development, it is not a win-win option.
  • Applying to the outsourced team. That is less expensive and has its special benefits. In an outsourcing business model, you can avoid managing the tasks you want to be performed by a hired team. That is the duty of an outsourcing company’s managers. Besides, you can get more from this cooperation. After the application launches on the market, you can also apply for its support&maintenance services and get them for cheap.

As for the choice of the team for electric scooter app development, we can advise you to take a look at Eastern European developers, Ukrainian ones in particular. Their levels of skills are no less high than US professionals have yet the rates they claim are at least twice lower. Let’s get an example of such a case of successful e-scooter mobile app development to prove it is true.

  1. The Example of E-Scooter App Development in Facts and Figures

This example was gladly provided by RexSoft, outsourcing development company that works throughout the US. Its portfolio contains the case of the C24 e-scooter app that was developed by the company’s dedicated team for the Ukrainian scooter-sharing company.

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The overall time spent on the development of the e-scooter mobile app was over 1,020 hours. The team consisting of a PM, a designer, front-end and back-end developers, and a QA worked on this project. 

The C24 application was developed adhering to the principles of IoT applications. For it, two main technologies were used: Flutter and Node JS. The overall cost of an app reached $40,800 and that is much lower than you would pay in a US-based company. Besides, in companies like RexSoft, you are fully protected by US laws as this offshore development services agency works under the license of the United States.

So when you need a though-out e-scooter application for your business, you can easily get it with lower expenses by applying for an offshore outsourcing development team’s services. 

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