“Minoru” Eyeing Gold, Diamond, & Oil in Angola to Facilitate the Growth of the Country

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The mining sector for Angola has always been a lucrative investment option, matter of fact, these sectors have attracted well over 90% of all the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Despite the extensive civil war that lasted over two decades, these sectors have seen a steady flow of interest from foreign investment. As is the nature of such investments, there is typically very little interest and commitment in making any substantial contribution to other important sectors of the economy that improve the lives of the local citizens. Business Organizations invest in the extraction of these resources and by the nature of global business are free to take their profits to other countries that represent a much safer business environment.  The VMD Group under the leadership of Valdomiro Minoru Dondo  has a unique vision and is introducing a  new trend by attracting other conscious investors to the gold/diamond mining, oil  industry in the country. The VMD Group is primarily focusing on mining investments in Angola’s Northern province of Cabinda. The VMD Group is the holding company that has invested massively in gold exploration. The Group acquired the required licenses in 2018 and has seen viable returns since then.

How VMD Group Found the Gold

Mr. Minoru’s holding company started extracting samples from all across the province after getting the necessary licenses. Eight hundred holes were dug and analyzed in Namibia, out of which two fields showed promising results. Trial extraction and production resulted in a yield of an impressive 45kgs of gold.

According to Mr. Minoru, the estimates of the overall reserves in the two fields – let alone the country – can give the whole country a boost in investments. Currently, the fields require an investment of up to $400 million for heavy equipment and refineries. Several investors are looking to partner with him and drive the country’s GDP and GNP higher.


Other Mining Interests for Valdomiro Minoru Dondo

Cabinda represents only a part of Valdomiro’s mining ventures. Besides gold, he is also exploring diamonds in Bie – the central Angolan province – along with a 3,000 square kilometer concession for finding other rare elements in the Huambo province. VMD holds licenses for both these mining sites.

These rare earth elements include 17 different metallic elements used extensively in today’s high-tech devices. These include:

  1. Lanthanum
  2. Cerium
  3. Praseodymium
  4. Neodymium
  5. Promethium
  6. Samarium
  7. Europium
  8. Gadolinium
  9. Terbium
  10. Dysprosium
  11. Holmium
  12. Erbium
  13. Thulium
  14. Ytterbium and
  15. Lutetium

VMD is also interested in exploring for oil. The bidding process is ongoing for VMD on the onshore field of the Lower Congo Basin. The World is beginning to witness the rise of a giant that is has a keen business perceptive and committed to seeing that the Angolan citizens are key beneficiaries to the natural resources of their country.

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