How to Start an Electric Scooter Business

Today, the electric scooter rental business is becoming one of the most profitable and easiest startups to launch. But even here you can make a lot of mistakes if you have not been immersed in this industry before.

To avoid them and start making money on modern urban electric transport, we recommend that you listen to the advice that we will give in our article. We have compiled them based on the experience of 4sharing, a company that provides an effective franchise for the electric scooter business.

  • What Do You Need to Start Your E-Scooter Business

First of all, what do you need to start an e-scooter business? The answer seems obvious. Of course, a fleet of electric scooters! But this is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, to start your rental business, you will need the following set of components:

  • Registration of your company and obtaining permits from state authorities,
  • Recruitment of personnel for the maintenance of e-scooters and work with clients.
  • Development and integration of software that will allow you to manage all the processes of your electric scooter business.
  • Rent or purchase premises for an office and warehouses for storing e-scooters.
  • Conclusion of contracts for the repair and maintenance of e-scooters, because they may need to be repaired.
  • Insurance costs.
  • Advertising and promotion so that customers know about you.

This is just a general outline of the needs of an electric scooter business during its startup phase.

  • How Much Time You Need for a Successful Start

When starting any business, time is no less important resource than money and material resources. And if you take too long to launch, your competitors may pick up the cream faster than you.

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The most time-consuming part of preparing to launch an electric scooter business is software development. For custom development, these terms are calculated in thousands of hours of work of the development team. And for the owner, such terms mean that your business will be able to start working effectively no earlier than in 3-4 months.

At the same time, there is a faster, but no less effective solution for starting your rental business. Instead of spending an impressive amount on developing software from scratch and waiting for 3-4 months, you can use a ready-made solution that is easy to adapt to your business and the needs of your potential customers. We are talking about the e-scooter rental software franchise. At 4sharing, you can get just such a service to save time on development and money on paying for the work of the development team.

  • How to Make It Easier and Faster? Several Tips from 4sharing

Being professionals in developing e-scooter rental business solutions, 4sharing offers effective tips to make starting your business quick and painless.

  1. Take advantage of the 4sharing franchise. So, you can reduce the time to launch a business up to 60 days, which is three times less than when using custom development.
    2. Look for leasing deals for your e-scooter fleet. So, you can gradually pay the cost of electric scooters, and not invest an impressive budget from scratch.
    3. Connect several payment systems at once. It will be comfortable for the client, and you will increase your income.
    4. Always have a team on hand to help with software customization, maintenance and customization to respond to the evolution and growth of your business.
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In this case, the franchise and 4sharing services will come in handy. With them, you can save time and money on starting your e-scooter sharing business.

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