Comparison of 10 and 20 Gbps servers from VSYS Host

Both 10 and 20 Gbps servers from VSYS Host are premium services for our customers. They provide competitive speed and stable traffic, but their prices shorten the potential audience. So what are the differences between them?


Both servers have the equal configuration – Dual E5 family processor working on frequency 2,3-2,4 GHz, 32 to 128 Gb, and storage bordering 1 TB SSD or NvMe. The latter option is available in the Supreme packages. All these servers are open to upgrades. The customers feel free to install the new memory modules, storage and change the operating system until reaching the limits.

Each server has the space for 8 additional 16 GB RAM, four solid-state devices with a total capacity 8 TB, and equipment like GPU. This basic configuration can transform into the streaming server, storage archive, or something else you want. Our support team reacts to the customer’s call immediately. The launch time is between several minutes to one or two hours.

Some facts about 10 gigabytes per second equipment

Most of our 10gbps unmetered dedicated servers concentrate in Amsterdam, the Netherlands capital. Their network connects to EU-IX, NL-IX, and AMS-IX tier-1 data points. Amsterdam – the capital of the Netherlands – is a good location for our premium customers. The bandwidth is unmetered. Please don’t confuse it with unlimited. That means no borders in using the bandwidth, but when the traffic approaches the 20-per cent point from the capacity, we kindly recommend you move from an unmetered to an unlimited plan for extra money. This measure helps us to maintain the highest connectivity standards.

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The same servers in Kyiv are an excellent option for streaming. Some configurations are cheaper there than in the Netherlands. However, the pricy server brings quick profit due to stable work in both regions.

Maximizing by 2

The customer sometimes understands that the offered bandwidth isn’t enough to satisfy their needs. Two ways to solve this problem are to upgrade the existing server to the new level – 20gbps dedicated server or purchase the new server. It’s twice more expensive as the first case. It has only unlimited plans.

That feature opens the world of opportunities. Deep machine learning, streaming, or VOD service are examples of services where the limits are incorrect and dishonest policies. The equipment has some features. Besides, the classic offshore benefits like speedy connection and loyal politics of our partners widen the usage of these da centers. That creates the foreground for developing modern services like monitoring, reference resources, etc.


Both 10 and 20 Gbps servers offered by VSYS Host are leaders among the rivals. Their prices – $998 and $1900 for the Supreme package are much cheaper than other providers from the same region. Visit our channels and social networks to follow the discount and loyalty program news.


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