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PUBG ban
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Can PUBG be banned in Pakistan?

The fate of PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has faded in Pakistan as the high court had directed the concerned authorities to ban the popular online game following its negative impacts on the children. The directives had been issued by a division bench of the Lahore High Court (LHC) headed by Justice Atir Mahmood on May 18 […]

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Here’s how we could mine the moon for rocket fuel

The moon is a treasure trove of valuable resources. Gold, platinum, and many rare earth metals await extraction to be used in next-generation electronics. Non-radioactive helium-3 could one day power nuclear fusion reactors. But there’s one resource in particular that has excited scientists, rocket engineers, space agency officials, industry entrepreneurs—virtually anyone with a vested interest […]

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Moderna’s latest vaccine results are promising—but it’s still too early

Drug maker Moderna has just announced encouraging interim results from the ongoing phase 1 trial for its experimental coronavirus vaccine. The early results suggest the vaccine has the potential to confer immunity against covid-19 in people. What is the vaccine and how does it work? Moderna specializes in vaccines designed to elicit an immune response […]

Baidu ACE Transportation System 3
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How coronavirus is accelerating a future with autonomous vehicles

Countries around the world have responded to the covid-19 coronavirus with lockdowns, restrictions, and technology solutions that use artificial intelligence to combat the virus. As the world begins to emerge from the pandemic, China is first to emerge from covid-19 imposed lockdowns thanks to cutting-edge technology, with autonomous vehicles and smart cities seeing an acceleration during this […]

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Nighat Dad, Pakistani digital rights advocate part of Facebook’s ‘supreme court’ for content

Digital rights activist Nighat Dad has been named as one of the members of Facebook’s independent “supreme court” empowered to make binding decisions about what content should be allowed or removed at the social network and Instagram. The decision was announced by the social networking site on Wednesday. The oversight board is to make final […]

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US accuses China of hacking vaccine research

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation and cybersecurity experts believe Chinese hackers are trying to steal research on developing a vaccine against coronavirus, two newspapers reported. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are planning to release a warning about the Chinese hacking as governments and private firms race to develop a vaccine for Covid-19, […]

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COVID-19: YouTube announces $5mn to help Pakistan

Online video sharing platform, YouTube on Friday announced $5 million aid for Pakistan in fight against the novel coronavirus. In her letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan, YouTube’s Chief Executive Officer Susan Wojcicki lauded his effective and timely measures against COVID-19. Underscoring the need for joint efforts to overcome the pandemic, Wojcicki said that YouTube […]

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Scientists explain magnetic pole’s wanderings

European scientists think they can now describe with confidence what’s driving the drift of the North Magnetic Pole. It’s shifted in recent years away from Canada towards Siberia. And this rapid movement has required more frequent updates to navigation systems, including those that operate the mapping functions in smartphones. A team, led from Leeds University, […]

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Coronavirus-themed game banned in China

A coronavirus-themed game has been blocked on Steam in China because of it’s a politically motivated content. In order to win Coronavirus Attack, players have to stop “selfish zombies” from escaping a country infected with the virus. Players reported the game for using the same colour scheme as the Chinese flag, with virus-shaped animations in […]

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Google parent company Alphabet sees growth despite pandemic hit

Google’s parent company Alphabet on Tuesday outshined dim earnings expectations, with the company showing higher revenue and profits despite a coronavirus-induced slowdown in its core digital advertising operations in March. Alphabet shares leapt more than 8% in after-hours trades following release of earnings figures that eased fears the pandemic would stall the internet firm’s income […]

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Apple, Google say users to control virus ‘tracing’ tool

Apple and Google said their coronavirus “contact tracing” technology would enable smartphone users to control their own data, and that the system would likely be shut down after the pandemic ends. The US technology giants, engaged in an unprecedented collaboration to allow smartphones to communicate across their respective platforms, released new technical details of their […]