All That You Need To Know About Adtech and Martech

If you have been working in the marketing sphere for a while, you must be familiar with such terms as “Adtech” and “Martech”. It is wrong to interchange these two terms. Adtech differs from martech a lot. In this article, we are going to see the difference between them in order to select platforms/services for your public relations campaigns consciously.

Martech Overview

What When you hear people speaking about the term “Martech”, the meaning of it is the usage of different technologies for executing tech-related marketing strategies. Thanks to martech, you can build, run, manage, and scale the success rate of the marketing campaign. The best samples of martech are the following:


  • Email marketing software;
  • Software for managing social media platforms;
  • Platforms for marketing web content;
  • Tools for digital analytics.

Adtech Overview

What is adtech? Adtech is associated with the specialized systems for putting advertisements in front of the target audience. It is efficient for facilitating corporate messages directly to potential clients and partners. It is widely used within large publications. The best samples of martech are the following:

  • Digital banners;
  • Platforms for managing data;
  • Systems for managing tags;
  • Ad servers/exchanges/networks;
  • DSPs – Demand Side Platforms;
  • SSPs – Supply Side Platforms.

Understanding the Difference Between Adtech and Martech

You should not blame yourself if you face problems with understanding the difference between martech and adtech. You are not alone. From the first sight, they look very similar. In reality adtech is a subset of martech. 

Here is an excellent illustration to show you the difference. Imagine for a moment that you bake a delicious pie. Martech can be compared with all the ingredients and the detailed baking recipe you use for making the best dessert. Adtech can be compared with the plates that you serve your pie on and offer to your guests. Below, we are going to go through the list of differences between the martech and adtech:

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The key roles

Martech can be used for all the components of the digital marketing strategy. You marketing team uses various techniques for optimizing and promoting the marketing campaigns. Adtech speaks about all the innovative technologies/techniques your marketing team uses to implement your campaign and make it successful into the marketplace.


Adtech billing principle is based on all the advertising your company purchases. Martech comes mainly on the Software as a Service (SaaS) basis. Usually, martech companies sell their services on a subscription basis directly to marketers, while adtech companies prefer to sell their services to a wide market (media and ads agencies).

The main goals

Marketers tend to target specific groups of people based on their interests and preferences. You have to invest time to identify and segment your audience. Adtech focuses on 3rd-party data, and martech prefers to deal with personalized data. 

The approaches to reach the goals

The main focus of martech is to reach prospects via social media platforms, SEO, and emails. Adtech uses the paid media. It buys the reasonable spots for presenting the brand content in front of the target audience. 


Use all possible ways to optimize your marketing strategy. Both martech and adtech play essential roles in promoting your brand. There are many ways to convert creative assets. Focus not only on delivering content, but also on making content relevant and useful to your reader and future clients.


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