Sergey Tokarev: AI’s Usability in Businesses

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Not so far, people were looking forward to Artificial Intelligence (AI) that could perform monotonous human work. Once this happened, the world didn’t expect to see such an advanced product that caused a threat to replacing creative professions. But another perspective on this shocking event is that people should accept and implement AI as a valuable tool instead of fearing losing their jobs. Sergey Tokarev, Founding Partner at Roosh and Reface investor, noticed that high-quality experts could turn the AI product into a decent instrument to boost their careers. 

Artificial intelligence is an excellent tool for analyzing and systemizing data. It helps people to get subject-focused and precise results. Sergey Tokarev notes that this technology learns very fast and that today we already see the enhanced versions of some AI products, in particular, ChatGPT. But still, AI remains complementary to human intelligence rather than its replacement.

“Look at GPT-4, Dalle-E, and Midjourney from this angle and you’ll see that AI is actually a complement to human intelligence, not a replacement. The artist does not just invent an image in their head, they describe it for themselves and, if necessary, can transfer this description to the text,” explains Tokarev. 

Considering the significant increase in data and the necessity for improving business processes, Sergey Tokarev underlines AI’s usability in five fields.


This is the first spot where AI brings up excellent outcomes. When writing precise requests for a search, AI can provide detailed reviews of products or services, comparisons to find out the best solution, etc.

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Some company positions are becoming saturated because of information overload, social connections, and data. It is impossible for a human to process all this. That’s why assistants have a place, and even in this question, AI can replace a routine work of an assistant.


Lawyers are at risk of being replaced by GPT. A human can’t keep all relevant information in their memory and handle it when it comes to legal documents, amendments, etc., of each country. Due to its algorithms, AI is capable of analyzing tons of information and finding the required legal documents.


The best methodology in teaching is creating a personalized program for each student. But in reality, it is impossible for a teacher to create such a system for hundreds of students. AI can help them in this matter and adapt to the audience’s habits. Also, it can appropriately provide information for a student without losing anything important.

Support services

According to Sergey Tokarev, this field is already going through changes due to AI. The algorithm can find answers to questions about a service or product much faster. Even the voice feature is also allowed to proceed with the search and data delivery. So very soon, it will be pretty hard to understand whether you are talking to a human or a machine.

The investor emphasizes that the issue of an unprepared legal system can prevent the AI revolution. The algorithm learns so fast that there might be some measures to control it.

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