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Bond 25 Assigned Rami Malek to Play the Role Of a Brown, Muslim Terrorist

The display of Muslims have been stereotyped in a lot of the Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

One of the wrongful assumptions of such a religion has been displayed as them being dangerous, barbaric, and more related to terrorism.

The Muslim characters in such movies influences the judgments of the people who meet actual Muslims in real life and treat them differently.

One such example of Muslim-role stereotyping in movies is displayed in the movie Bond 25.

Rami Malek, an Oscar-winning actor was assigned to play the role of a brown Muslim terrorist.

Malek, however, refused to play such a role and claimed that roles like these enable people to be unkind towards the Muslims, and shape their minds according to the stereotypical image that is being shown.

However, his director assured that the character is not going to be such a kind of terrorist.

The role is quite different, which made Malek agree to take the part.

His praiseworthy gesture has won a lot of hearts of Muslims all over the globe for having so much concern for them.

One of the factors of him being so considerate is maybe because he himself is an Egyptian, and has probably heard a lot of things regarding this as well.

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