Aviator Demo Game: Learn the tricks of flying before shooting higher!

Yes, assuredly, you have heard a host of ‘positive things’ about Spribe’s latest offering – the Aviator game. Whether it is the usual version or the added Aviator Predictor that was launched, there are no two ways about it – the reviews all claim the game to be a shot, not short of brilliant! But there’s still a giddy feeling that you are having. How is it that whatever the result of the game, you will always be on the winning side? After all, it is a game of chance, and there will be profits and losses. Let’s give you a solution – as offered by the creators at Spribe – a chance to play a demo game! 

This article will highlight the specifics of the demo you can play and how you can win it big without actually partaking in the game. Additionally, it will also acquaint you with the rules of this game, its features, and its advantages. So, here’s checking out the demo mode – 

What is the Aviator Demo Game? 

The Aviator Demo Game is a replica of the original game, which vehemently repeats the interface and the procedure followed by the original format of this game. People who are new to this game need to log into https://playaviatorgame.net/aviator-game-demo/ and then click on the Slots icon. 

On doing the same, you will find yourself redirected to the game, wherein you can make a bet (since it’s a demo game, you will have to make bets using unreal money) and kickstart the flying process. Also, you can only seek assistance from professional bettors if this is part of the demo process. This demo version is a test structure that you can try to get a hang of the game. As the plane is about to crash, your betting amount (as per calculations on the unreal money) will be credited to you. 

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What are the rules of this game? 

This game’s first and only set rule is – you must decide the bets before the plane takes off and crashes down. As far as the rest of the rules are concerned, they are decided accordingly as and when the game moves on. 

Even then, assuming you want to keep a listicle beside you before you go in for a ride up in the sky, you must decide on – 

  1. What your maximum pay-out amount would be? This is primarily because, whatever the amount, that would ultimately be the amount that must be multiplied as a coefficient to determine the winning amount. 
  2. Given that each gaming session lasts for merely 30 seconds, therefore, whatever bets are to be made or strategies to be opted for must be done within that specified period. 

Ensure that you follow these games when you would upgrade to the actual format. 

How to place the bets on this game? 

If you think that you cannot place your bets on the demo version, let’s inform you for starters – that you may place bets, but without real money! Explaining the same – when you are looking to kickstart the betting process on the Aviator demo game, then you will come across 2 green buttons below the standard red route. On that same panel, you will find control functions that modulate the manner of the game as well as the withdrawal method. 

The Automate method, as well as the Autocashout method, allows you to keep playing the game (you can play up to 10 rounds as per default settings) and, on reaching a specified value of a multiplier, can even withdraw all your money (fake money that you are playing with). In fact, no fixed multiplier is to be reached when you are playing the demo game. You can simply match a standard and let go of the same, collecting your winnings (the unreal money you are playing with). 

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Thus, what is the notable feature of this demo game is – you can try a variety of bets on this and set your hands before actually hitting off the jackpot. 

Benefits of playing the demo format? 

For starters, you get to play the game without ‘playing the game!’ In the demo format, you do not need to invest in anything real. Rather, you can invest almost like a ‘gimmick’ and get a real-world feeling of the concerned game. There’s more to the set of benefits associated with – 

  • In the demo format, you can practice playing the game without any real money involved. Hence, there is no chance of any associated low-profit margin (this game does not involve loss in any way). 
  • When you are playing the game in a demo format, you can easily practice a multitude of betting strategies to sharpen your skill. Since there is no real money involved, hence, you have no fear of a bad profit margin or otherwise. Once you can set your hands up on the demo game, betting on the real game seems like a cakewalk. 
  • Lastly, with this demo format, you can easily become accustomed to the game’s controls. Though the demo format does not offer you some inside details, yet, assuredly you can sweep your way through this game and get used to the multiple facets of this game. In this way, you would be well acquainted with this game, and playing the same with money will become profitable. 

Given that the demo game has its set of advantages, you must check out the differences between them. 

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Difference between the demo and actual version

Before you switch tabs to check out the game in itself, here are some of the differences that you must check out – 

The coefficient for multiplication varies within x20 – x100.  The maximum coefficient is stacked at x200. 
Customer support is unavailable.  Efficient customer support. 
No in-game chat is available.  In-game chat is available. 
Since it is a free trial, real money is not accepted. Played with real money. 
No inside information.  Complete inside information to boost your game. 
Professional bettors are not allowed.  Professional bettors can play. 

Last thoughts 

Spribe’s Aviator demo is one of the best formats for understanding the game before you leap into the same. It tries to replicate the whole game as authentically as possible so that the gamers only face minimal differences in terms of the original. Additionally, the demo mode is compliant with every platform making it one of the best demo formats available for any of the range of online gambling games! 

So, for those of you who are still at the crossroads about whether you should place your bets on this game, do have a preliminary view of this game via the Aviator Demo mode and then you may decide.  

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