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whatsapp group links

Exams, English Learing & Study WhatsApp Group Links

In order to help students find the useful study whatsapp group links and join relevant study groups, we have curated important whatsapp groups corresponding to gmat exam, gre test, upsc ias prelims, icai, ipcc, cat exam and mmore. So let’s take a look at all the whatsapp groups for students.

Study Groups on Whatsapp for Exams

Amongst all the study groups out there, we will first be listing all the whatsapp groups for students that are preparing or planning to start preparations for entrace exams such as graduate management admission test, gre test, upsc, ias, icai and so on. Sure, there are existing forums for each of these exam preparation such as the GMAT club, which have several resources, however, we believe that whatsapp groups are not only easier to access but give a better sense of community and help in receiving real-time feedback from fellow students. This is why, study groups have recently gained popularity on whatsapp. Below you can find the exam specific whatsapp groups. Try them out!

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General study groups on Whatsapp

Next, we shall look into the whatsapp study group links corresponding to general topics such as learning spoken english, english grammar basics, general knowledge related groups such as gk questions, gk for railway, iq test, and so on. Below is the list of whatsapp group links.

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English Learning WhatsApp Group Links

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Hope all the students found the relevant whatsapp study group links related to graduate management admission test, gre test, cat exam and so on. In case, you want to check out whatsapp groups in many other categories, you can visit WhatsApp Group Links India 2019 to obtain a list of all categories of whatsapp links available out there. Don’t forget to share your favourite groups amongst your friends so that you can all enjoy together. Feel free to have healthy interactions with other group members.

If you want to suggest any groups that we should add to this list, do share the group link in the comments section below!

We hope that you liked and found the desired Study WhatsApp group links posted in the list above. If you found this post helpful, then share this post with your friends, family to help them find groups of their interest.

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