Why Donald Trump was suspected of money
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Why Donald Trump suspected of money laundering

Donald Trump suspected of money laundering?
US presidential companies could use Deutsche Bank accounts for this.

In the US, they continue to search for information about possible foreign interference in the election campaign of Donald Trump. This time, the media reported that the department of Deutsche Bank, responsible for countering money laundering, in 2016 and 2017 demanded to check information on international financial transactions made by Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, but the bank’s management rejected this request.

Why Donald Trump was suspected of money

According to the newspaper The New York Times (NYT), the bank’s computer system has identified these transactions as suspicious. The management of the financial institution decided not to send this information to the US Treasury for verification.

The fact that one of the departments of Deutsche Bank considered financial transactions, including the now-defunct Trump Foundation, was reported to the NYT newspaper by five former and current employees of the bank. According to them, the computer system of the financial institution considered these transactions to be suspicious, and, according to internal rules, information about them should be transferred to the US Treasury for subsequent verification.

The newspaper does not provide details on remittances, stating only that some of them were committed between companies affiliated with the Trump Foundation. A number of transfers were also made to the accounts of foreign companies and individuals “in other states.”

Former bank employees told the newspaper that the decision to hide information about suspicious transactions is contrary to the bank’s usual policy.

“You give them all the information, and then you recommend that you take certain steps, but nothing happens,” the former bank employee Tammi Masfadden told the newspaper. According to her, she was dismissed after complaining about the inaction of the bank’s management and sent several complaints to the supervisory authorities.

In the Deutsche Bank itself, in response to a request from the Washington-based edition of The Hill, they stated that they are “very serious” about information about possible money laundering. In turn, a representative of The Trump Organization said that she was unaware of any suspicious financial transfers related to this bank. “Now we do not have active accounts at Deutsche Bank,” said Amanda Miller. A representative of Jared Kushner’s companies Karen Zabarsky made a similar statement, specifying that the president’s son-in-law “for a long time” had no relations with the bank.

As American media remind, Deutsche Bank is the main financial institution with which companies associated with the business empire of Donald Trump worked.

However, in connection with the search for information on the possible foreign influence on the future president during a pre-election campaign, data on bank transfers may also be attached to the case. As part of the investigation into “possible foreign interference in the political process in the United States,” Congress also requested information about the personal finances of the president. But for now, both banks and customers are silent, and at the end of April, US President Donald Trump and his family members, as well as the Trump Organization and Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust, who manage the presidential family’s finances, filed a lawsuit against Deutsche Bank and Capital One with that to prohibit order disclosures.

The NYT material clearly hints at what kind of suspicious transactions there could be. “Two former employees reported that they raised the issue of transactions involving companies connected with prominent Russians,” the newspaper writes. “But the staff had the impression that the bank did not want to upset important customers.”

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