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how to hide the ‘seen’ notification on Facebook Messenger

A little-known Google Chrome plugin allows Facebook Messenger users to hide the ‘seen’ notification on their message exchanges, removing the pressure many feel to respond to friends right away.

The add-on, which only works if you use Chrome as your internet browser, is free to install and can be turned on and off at your discretion, so the power of being ‘seen’ is in your hands.

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Aptly named ‘Unseen for Facebook’, the downloadable system has been given 4.5 stars from over 4,000 reviews, who are enjoying being so unnoticeable on social media.

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There is a secondary feature that the plugin offers in that it makes sure you don’t come up as ‘online’ when you are, so people can’t tell the last time you were active.

There are a number of similar plugin’s offering the same privacy as Unseen, although they also focus on blocking delivery receipts so people can’t see if you’ve even got their message.

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There is even one called ‘Delete All Messages for Facebook’ that will quickly remove every message you’ve ever sent or that sits in your inbox.

While many have petitioned Facebook to remove its ‘seen’ feature for years, this provides a shortcut while you wait.

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