Simple SEO Tips To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Search Engine Optimization is the main determiner of how successful your website will be. Creating lots of original and factual content is important, as is having a great product to sell or story to tell, but without any SEO strategy you can still get lost in the crowd. These tips will help you to build a simple SEO strategy that you can implement on your website, whichever niche or genre you fit into.

Define and Redefine Your Keywords

The first and maybe most important tip for optimizing your SEO is to really nail down your keyword research. If you don’t research the keywords that can help your website to stand out then it doesn’t matter how good your content is, you won’t see the same results. There are lots of different tools that you can use to look for keywords, with being a good choice for beginners. All of the tools will help you sift through search engines to find words and combinations of words that aren’t being used so often, which will help your website become the authority on those words or phrases. For example, if you have a website selling pickles and chutneys, then your keywords are likely to be exactly that ‘pickle’ and ‘chutney’. However, with just those keywords you’re going to be competing with the giants of the industry, so you need to find a way to differentiate yourself. It might be that you make all of your pickles and chutneys at home, to grandmas secret recipe, using organic produce, or using foraged ingredients. Incorporating some of these words into your keyword strategy will help you to differentiate yourself from others and appear more highly in the search rankings. Finally, try to answer direct queries with some of your keywords, if you know that hand foraged winter mushroom pickles are going to be your star product this winter then create content all about those pickles. Include key phrases like ‘pickled winter mushrooms foraged by hand’ or ‘hand foraged mushrooms pickled in the forest’. These terms will have very few other competitors, meaning that Google will see you as the authority on this topic, ranking you higher.

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Make Use of Your Location

Using your location to your advantage is a traffic driving method that can’t be understated. There are all sorts of different ways that you can do this, largely depending on what you run your website for. Those running a business website could find a specialist review site for services in your area and ask them to consider reviewing your business. When the review is published, you’ll benefit from the link they publish to your site, as well as the increased exposure. A good example of a company doing this successfully is This site creates impartial reviews of casinos that operate throughout Asia, separating them on a country by country basis. As well as writing the reviews, Asiabet also creates a link to each casino separately, enabling potential users to click through to their site quickly and easily. Whilst this method is good for those running a business that offers a product or service, it wouldn’t be as useful for those with a news website, a blog, or similar. In this instance it can be a good idea to create content that’s tailored to your local area, after all, you know more about it than most. You could write content specifically about events taking place in your village this month, linking to relevant websites and being sure to use those keywords to make sure your site is the one that people click on. 

Social Media Can Help

It’s a well-known thing that your social media traffic doesn’t equate exactly to your search ranking and whilst we’ve written a helpful guide here about using social media to boost website traffic, there are some other ways it can improve SEO. Regularly sharing your blog posts and new content on your social media will help your posts to be spotted by more people, generating more traffic to your website. This in turn will create more clicks on your internal links, showing search engines that your content is relevant. Everybody knows the importance of content marketing, so although technically your social media doesn’t affect your SEO, getting your content to the right audience does. One of the best tools for this is social media, so use it wisely!

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