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Pakistani computer scientist Asma Zaheer receives IBM’s highest award

Pakistani computer scientist Asma Zaheer
A Pakistani computer scientist Asma Zaheer has been honored with IBM‘s highest esteemed award “Best of IBM 2019”, and it makes her the first Pakistani Computer Scientist ever to receive this prestigious award from an American multinational information technology company.

The award ceremony was held at Indonesian province Bali this week, where all the Big Blue’s senior leaders arrived and among them were the 1,000 “Best of IBM (BOI) Honorees” and their guests.

These 1000 honorees made a great contribution in leading IBM’s return to growth and positioning the company as the leader in Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Hybrid Cloud, and Analytics.

The winners for the Best of IBM 2019 were chosen from all business units and roles. This award was meant for those IBM employees who work tirelessly to increase the success of the company, clients and the world at large. Those who work had to boost business growth in turn accomplish amazing results.

Asma graduated in Computer Science from University of the Punjab (PU) and did Masters from National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST), Lahore. She has been working with IBM Pakistan since 2013 and her title is IGNITE & Test Innovation Practice Leader for IBM’s Global Business Services, Client Innovation Center (CIC).

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