Our Actors Can’t Say Single Word To Indian Actors

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Amir liaqat has said that our Actors may also participate in the war of words with Indian Actors only if they have certainty and assurance that they are not going to be casted in Raees 2.

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He said we will do this thing like war of words with Indians because we don’t have to do anything in India. We are poor people and are here to fight for the right and for Pakistan.

He had replied to Rishi Kapoor too in past in 2017 during champions trophy .

He said adnan sami has to prove himself a loyal Indian and for that he speaks hateful words for Pakistan. Because his survival is difficult otherwise. He said Adnan Sami is selling his hate for Pakistan in India as it is bought there,he is cashing his hate for Pakistan. Amir liaqat has said he is a traitor.

Amir Liaqat has also said that, ” despite our differences with Adnan Sami Khan we love Azaan Sami khan and he said himself a Pakistani so we hug him on this declaration. He is Pakistani and we respect him.


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