Jeremy Renner aka Hawkeye drops new music video titled Main Attraction

Avenger Hawkeye aka Jeremy Renner is taking a break from all the bow-wielding as he decided to drop his latest song yesterday. The music video sees Jeremy in an all-black attire and crooning away in his sexy rustic voice

Hollywood actor Jeremy Renner, who shot to fame playing the bow-wielding Hawkeye in the Marvel universe of the “Avengers”, has taken a break from superhero antics to focus on his passion for music. He is out with a new music video titled “Main attraction” that has him crooning behind the microphone.

“‘Main attraction’ music video out now! Link in my bio to watch the whole video on Youtube,” tweeted Renner on Thursday. The actor-musician is seen in an all-black ensemble in the video, performing in front of fans, or walking on a long stretch of road.

“Main attraction” is one of three songs to be reportedly unveiled by Renner, in association with Jeep. “Finished up this fun music campaign with Jeep! What a blast! #music #summeroffun,” he had tweeted on Wednesday.

Fans were quick to show support. “An actor, a singer… You are a great artiste,” one fan wrote. “Great song. Gritty, catchy and great vocals. Well done!” wrote another. Another Twitter user praised the “damn good song” and lauded Renner because he “sounds great”.

Renner shot to fame with his starring role in Katheryn Bigelow’s Oscar-winning film “The Hurt Locker”, and shot to global popularity as Hawkeye in Marvel’s “Avengers” saga, and also with roles in several hits including “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” and “Arrival”.

During an interaction with the media, including IANS, in Seoul in April to promote “Avengers: Endgame”, the actor had said: “I like every moment (of playing Hawkeye). I like showing up on the sets.

“I feel blessed to be able to play make-believe for a living. It’s my job. I think the greatest takeaway will be my friendships over the last decade with not just the cast but guys like the first assistant director,” Renner said.

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