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SPORTS WhatsApp Group Links 2020

Not only is sports a great pastime, but also an enthralling lively experience, creating the impulse of actually playing the sport in reality. Sharing batsmens’ tension in cricket, experiencing a goalkeepers’ uncertainty during a penalty kick in football, and celebrating an ace in tennis served by your favourite player are all extremely involving activities. To […]

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Apple and Google launch digital contact tracing system

Tech giants Apple and Google on Wednesday released an initial version of their software tool that will make it possible for 23 nations to release coronavirus contact-tracing apps, alerting users when they came into contact with people who were COVID-19 positive. But authorities would have to stop requiring phone numbers from users under the companies’ […]

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How To Stop Chrome From Tracking You

Google Chrome is both hugely popular and notorious for its data collections but learning how to stop the search giant’s tracking isn’t necessarily easy. That’s because the world’s most popular browser on both desktop and mobile platforms has a plethora of settings. More pertinently, those are often tied to deeper account settings rather than directly […]