how to change alarm sound on iphone

How to Change Alarm Sound on iPhone?

How to Change Alarm Sound on iPhone?Our goal in this article is to guide you through the process of changing the alarm sound on your iPhone. We will teach you how to select an alarm tone from the pre-installed sounds or add custom music. What is Alarm? Alarms are devices or functions on devices, such […]

whatsapp group links

5000+ Whatsapp group link Pakistan (2022 Updated ) 100% Working

Here you will get list of Pakistani, Indian whatsApp group links. we collected these Pakistani, Indian whatsApp group links duo to high demand from peoples. we tried our best to fulfill your needs. To join any group from the list mentioned below just click on the group link. before joining any whatsApp group there are […]

Tech News

What Is the Discovery Phase and What Does it Involve?

In any business, the success of a project depends largely on the quality of planning and execution done in the early stages. This is especially true in software development, where a poorly executed discovery phase can lead to expensive rework down the road.  So, what exactly is the discovery phase, and what does it involve?  […]

Android & IOS Apps

Ad blocker 4PDA: how to disable ads on your phone in 2023?

Intrusive advertising can drive even the calmest person mad. So it’s not surprising that, according to statistics, more than 42% of Internet users have at least one ad-blocking app on their gadgets.  Today let’s talk about effective ways to “clean” your smartphone from useless marketing content in 2023. We have selected three popular 4PDA ad […]

Mobile Phones

How To Enable Dark Mode On Galaxy S20

Luckily with dark mode, it is easy to toggle on and off, and you can even set it to turn on at set times during the day. Which makes it great for using at night when it’s darker, but still being able to use your phone during the day when there’s more light. How to […]

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